Florida St Augustine Inlet Redfish Fishing

Florida St Augustine Inlet Redfish Fishing has been at its finest. All species of fish are gearing up for the warm summer months. In this process, Inshore Red Fish are becoming more active in the inlets. St Augustine Inlet is a very productive fishing hole currently.

Captain Steve is highly knowledgeable guides for this area. They have been actively searching out waters and catching quality Red Fish.

Sight fishing these amazing, hard fighting fish is some of the most exciting techniques for catching the Reds. The Captains are paying close attention to where the baitfish are moving as the Red Fish will surely follow. You really have to stalk out the school by watching for ripples or fins on the surface of the water.

St Augustine is beautiful this time of year. Many people love to sightsee and explore inshore flats. The Inlet gives you beautiful access to exceptional fishing all year long!

If you ever get a chance to visit St Augustine, experience a trip that can provide information and knowledge of the local landmarks.

Come Catch Yours Today with our local experts while you are visiting St Augustine! 

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