Wonderful Rodman Reservoir Fishing

Are you wondering where you can catch BIG Florida Largemouth Bass? We have the perfect location for you. The Rodman Reservoir is one of the BEST locations to catching quality and trophy largemouth bass. Tucked away in North Florida, you have to be on a mission to uncover this breathtaking fishery. Once you are here, you will have an adventure with your friends, family or loved one that you will never forget. Enjoy a Wonderful Rodman Reservoir Fishing Experience like no other!

Our local experts are the only way to explore what North Florida has to offer. They have years of experience putting clients and travelers on big bass. Also, they know all the great spots and the abundance of wildlife. When you come to explore the Rodman Reservoir, you will be in great hands on a true adventure.

Here is your Rodman Reservoir Fishing Update:

Wonderful Rodman Reservoir Fishing 1

Captain David Lang had the pleasure of fishing with Ed and his son-in-law. While down in Florida on vacation, bass fishing was a must. They were traveling to the Rodman Reservoir in search of big bass. The fishing conditions were beautiful and the action was steady. You can’t beat a day like this on the Rodman Reservoir.

Ed and his son-in-law boated over 14 largemouth bass. The biggest fish weighed in at 7.3 pounds. Everyone on the boat caught multiple fish and was excited with every catch. One of the best parts about being a guide is seeing happy customers catching fish of a lifetime.

Captain David is looking forward to fishing with this father-son duo again soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Ken Walker adventured out on the Rodman. He had the pleasure of fishing with Wally and Cathy. They were traveling from the City of Gainesville, FL to explore the waters in their backyard. The Rodman Reservoir is not far from Gainesville and is the perfect outdoor adventure for the fisherman.

Wonderful Rodman Reservoir Fishing 4

The bass were biting on this fishing trip. Wally and Cathy caught 19 total largemouth bass. The biggest fish weighed in at 6.2 pounds. Wally caught the biggest but Cathy landed a majority of the fish along with the first one of the day. Weather conditions were conducive for a great day on the water. The action was hot and heavy once the fog lifted. 

Captain Ken is looking forward to fishing with Wally and Cathy again in the near future!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain David was back out on the Rodman Reservoir. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Bill. Bill loves to come to explore this fishery as he knows it holds some big bass. Luckily, this trip blessed him with two big bass he was looking for.

Wonderful Rodman Reservoir Fishing 2

The most productive way to fish the Rodman is with live bait. You truly can’t beat this wild caught fish that always produces the biggest bite. Bill had a blast catching his personal best weighing in at 7.3 pounds and 6.5 pounds. Captain David had a great time putting Bill on the biggest bass he has caught to date. Next trip, they will be hunting down and even bigger one!

Rodman Reservoir fishing is absolutely fantastic this time of year. If you are looking for that TROPHY largemouth bass, now is the time to come explore. Our local experts will give you a true adventure through this natural paradise. Enjoy the scenery while landing true Florida largemouth bass. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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Best Orlando Outdoor Activities To Do Outside Disney Theme Parks

Best Orlando Outdoor Activities

Are you planning on bringing your family to Orlando to visit the theme parks? Have you been here before and don’t know what to do on your additional days here? Orlando is filled with endless hidden treats that you can embark on outside the theme parks. The best Orlando outdoor activities are just within a car ride away.

When you are visiting Central Florida and specifically Orlando, there is one outdoor activity that trumps them all: Fishing. Florida fishing here in Orlando is absolutely exceptional all year round. Whether you want freshwater bass fishing or saltwater fishing, you have access to it. Florida bass fishing is easily accessed as Orlando is surrounded by hundreds of freshwater lakes.

Capt Brad specializes in fishing here. Him and his local experts have years of experience that provide them knowledge to put you on the biggest fish of your life. Orlando has two dominate lakes that produce fantastic trips all year: the Butler Chain of Lakes and Lake Tohopekaliga. Both of these beautiful lakes are within minutes of the theme parks in Orlando. If you are looking for a quick getaway and want to get the rod bent, this is one of the best opportunities.

But if saltwater fishing is a better alternative or more appealing to you, the east coast holds the most exceptional fishing the state has to offer. Just a short drive away you can be on some excellent species whether near St Augustine, FL. Most noteworthy, the inshore fishing for trophy bull redfish is by far the best experience. You don’t have to worry about sea sickness on this fishing trip. While you cruise the backwaters, you will be able to experience endless wildlife and hard-pulling inshore species.

Don’t count out though battling the seas for big pelagic species including sailfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo, kingfish as well as bottom fish like grouper and snapper. Furthermore, offshore or deep sea fishing is a great opportunity to get the whole family on the water especially larger parties for some outdoor fun.

If you want to stay closer to Orlando, you can also experience several other awesome outdoor water activities. Staying cool and refreshed is not a problem in Central Florida especially if you visit the Orlando Watersports Complex. While you won’t be setting the hook into your dream fish, you can learn how to wakeboard, wakesurf, kneeboard or waterski with professional, kind and attentive staff. This is a great addition to your Florida outdoor vacation

The outdoors truly can enhance your Florida vacation. One of the other amazing experiences you can encounter is Gator Land. Learn all about our wildlife at this incredible place. You will not only educate yourself on Florida’s wildlife but you can zip line through the park along with watch reptile shows that can amuse your family. Add this to your freshwater fishing trip and you will truly get to explore all Orlando has to offer.

Above all, when you visit Florida, don’t miss out on getting outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful weather, get some sun in your face and experience everything Florida has to offer. Each time of year will give you a breathtaking view and most certainly a different fishing experience. Fishing along with the additional outdoor activities mentioned can help you create memories worth a lifetime. Orlando, Florida is the ultimate family destination that can satisfy all your needs in one location. We look forward to sharing the experience with you!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Orlando.

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Summer St Augustine Bass Fishing with Local Experts

Summer St Augustine Bass Fishing

Summer is the time of year you bring your family on vacation. Many travel to Florida every year to get out in the Florida sun and experience all that Florida has to offer. North Florida is a great place to do that especially with all the history and beautiful beaches. Summer St Augustine Bass Fishing is the ultimate hidden gem that truly can revolutionize your family vacation.

North Florida is filled with endless outdoor activities. It has multiple productive lakes that produce all year round. Early summer mornings happen to be the BEST time to experience what bass fishing is all about. Whether you want to catch a big bass, numbers or just spend some unique quality time with your family in the outdoors, St Augustine has it for you.

When it comes to fishing in St Augustine, FL, you have several exceptional bass fishing options. This destination is close to the St Johns River system where you can catch MONSTER bass. Captain Peter T is a great option for getting you on big bass right here near St Augustine. A short distance inland, you can also find some excellent bass fishing on the Rodman Reservoir. Captain Ken Walker can get you on the largemouth bass of your life!

Each fishing location brings plenty of opportunity to set the hook, create a memory and soak in the Florida sun away from the lines and crowds. Summer St Augustine Bass Fishing is the ultimate outdoor activity that will be the highlight of your vacation. Bring your family along and light up the face of your youngest or loved one on a fishing adventure of a lifetime with our local and professional experts.

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting St Augustine, FL.

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Corporate St Augustine Florida Fishing Trip

Corporate St Augustine Florida Fishing Trip

Business is one of the many reasons people travel to St Augustine Florida surrounding area. The city of St Augustine is a hub for conventions and business travel. St Augustine is not far from this hub in Daytona where you can take clients on a Corporate fishing trip of a lifetime.

We had the pleasure of fishing with an Asian Food Solutions company. They traveled from across the nation to meet at a convention here in St Augustine, FL. While they were here, they wanted to get out on the water for a freshwater fishing trip charter.

Fishing is the perfect way to entertain clients and prospective business partners. Our trip consisted of 10 boats with 2 people on each boat. Everyone worked as a team to make for the best possible fishing experience.

Colder weather on this trip concentrated the bass into key locations. They had a great time catching these Florida Largemouth Bass. We saw some nice bags and great fish caught.

Captain John caught the biggest fish and string of 5 fish. The string weighed over 20 pounds and the biggest fish weighed 6.12 pounds. One of the second biggest on Captain John’s boat was over 4 pounds.

One of the greatest moments as a Captain is taking out people that generally would never fish. It was an awesome day on the water for all our Captains involved as everyone caught bass.

We are looking forward to fishing with this amazing group again. If you want to entertain business out on the water while catching Florida Largemouth Bass or many other species in Florida, contact us today for a trip of a lifetime.

Come Catch Yours Today while Visiting St Augustine, FL .

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Three Day Florida Fishing Mania

Three Day Florida Fishing Mania

When traveling to Florida you must experience the endless opportunities to get in the outdoors. You can spend a Three Day Florida Fishing Mania with family or friends. St Augustine, FL offers some of the best fishing you can set your hook into. I never could have imagined the amount of memories that could be created with Captain Wayne.

Captain Brad had the pleasure of fishing with Laura and her dad Jim. They were traveling from Chicago on vacation with no expectation to what was to come. Laura was surprising her dad on a Florida Fishing adventure of a lifetime over the course of three days.

St Augustine Bass Fishing

The first day out was spent St Johns River Bass Fishing. St Johns River is looking beautiful this time of year. All the tributaries as well are fantastic this time of year. Fall is the perfect time to soak in the scenery and explore new parts of the lake. You could be highly surprised at what you can experience on a lake this size.

Laura and Jim enjoyed the partly cloudy weather conditions with temperatures in the mid 90s. While waiting on the bite, they sat back and relaxed with a nice breeze in the air.  Great weather promotes a great bite this time of year as they put over 20 largemouth bass in the boat. They caught some quality ones too with the biggest weighing 5 pounds 4 ounces.

They both shared the passion for fishing but never got a chance to key in on artificial baits. Wild caught shiners were the most effective technique to catch largemouth bass on Lake Ashby. It is also very exciting since you never know when you are going to land that fish you have been dreaming of.

St Augustine Deep Sea Fishing

Captain Wayne adventured out to something different on their second day. St Augustine Deep Sea Fishing for Grouper, Snapper, and Mahi Mahi or Dolphin was something that was always fascinating to Laura and Jim. There is nothing like cruising off the shores of the beach and into an unpredictable day out in the ocean.

We had a window of great weather for most of the day with storms expected for the afternoon. The seas were at 2 to 4 foot most of the day which wasn’t a problem for catching fish.

Laura and Jim really wanted to catch this delicious fish that they haven’t gotten the chance to do before. We made it happen with a slow start catching non-keepers. Being patient is the game while you are Florida Fishing and we finally connected with the keeper we were waiting for.

It was not long after that one keeper that they got to experience something they would never forget. Two more hits and fish started a Mania that was highly unexpected. We came across a school of Mahi that rewarded us with 40 Mahi in the boat. It is always good to preserve the fishery so we only kept 14 of them and released the rest.

After an experience like that their arms were very tired and their faces were sore from the amount of laughs and smiles. They had dinner for multiple nights and they called it a day.

St Augustine Inshore Fishing

On their final day with Captain Brad was something they wanted to check off their bucket list for a long time. Bull Redfish has always been the species that they have wanted to catch. St Augustine is the perfect location to catch a variety of the species, especially your first Redfish, Black Drum, or Sea Trout.

It was looking like a great day again with beautiful weather for another amazing fishing trip. The mostly sunny conditions promoted excellent fishing. A mix of 25 Redfish and Black Drum were caught along with a few Snook. They were excited to catch the quality Redfish they did.

One of the many things people love about Redfish fishing is the fight they put up. You could never imagine the strength they have when they are on the end of your line. Laura and Jim thoroughly enjoyed catching their first Bull Redfish.

It was truly an honor and my pleasure to provide Jim a gift from Laura that they will never forget. I am looking forward to the next time they return to catch more of these incredible species here in Florida.

If you are looking for a memorable fishing adventure that will provide you stories for a lifetime, do not look further than the great state of Florida. We can provide all that you need to enjoy a great day out on the water with the ones that are important to you.

I know next time I am visiting Florida and St Augustine, I will be chasing all the species I can from salt to freshwater!

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Consider a Fishing Adventure with Captain Brad or our other Local Experts next time you are in Florida.

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